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Furniture with a unique signature...

Peaceful comfort – Teak
Furniture with a unique signature...

Having grown up in a family of woodworkers and craftsmen, Jory Brigham was probably destined to the world of woodworking... but he made it in his own way. Today, he is a designer and furniture manufacturer in San Luis Obispo, California. His company, named after him, reflects its main interest: Jory Brigham Design.

Each of its pieces is entirely handmade and incorporates various styles, colors and textures. Hardwood, concrete and plywood are among the materials used regularly to their full potential.
Blending creativity and proven techniques to work with wood, Jory Brigham designs unique works, both from his imagination and rooted in the mid-century classic. As a full-fledged artist, discoveries, experiments and challenges stimulate his passion.
A great satisfaction for him is that he has done everything to give a "voice" and a personality to each of his achievements.




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Jory Brigham

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