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Furniture with timeless design

Kujira table - oak
Furniture with timeless design

Created in 2010 by industrial designer Asher Dunn, Studio Dunn is located in Providence, Rhode Island. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of timeless pieces of furniture. All the creations are, at the source, inspired by a great love of nature and a touch of modernism of the mid twentieth century.

The simplicity and purity of the lines highlight the slightest design detail. The materials used range from wood to metal through the glass that is worked with meticulousness and dexterity. Another concern of the team is about the environment. We are therefore working to produce by minimizing waste and maximizing recycling.


We like it with Céline Thibault

Set of table and chair
An industrial touch combined with the warmth of wood

Asher Dunn

Barrington chair

Bristol console table
Elegance and amazing simplicity

Kingstown stool